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Moms at War

by Karen Town

The modern mother faces many challenges today and it would seem that we women are under relentless pressure to accomplish the perfect balance between family and career however; oftentimes we fail to support each other in this journey.

The working mother will claim that the housewife must be unchallenged whilst the stay-at-home mom accuses the workingwoman of shirking her responsibilities at home.

I’ve had the luxury of being on both sides of the fence.

When I stayed home I envied what I saw as the working mother’s freedom. She was able to leave the home and turn into ‘herself’ rather than the ‘mommy’. She was able to have adult conversations while I steadily grew tired of ‘Barney’ and the ‘Teletubbies’. She was earning her own salary while I had to rely on my husband for money.

Now I am on the ‘other side’.

Yes, I get to talk about grown up stuff and I do have more financial freedom but it’s a trade-off.

When my child is sick I have the awful dilemma of ‘what do I do’? My mommy head is saying ‘your child needs you, forget the job’ but my other head is saying ‘you can’t, you have responsibilities at work’.

I’m in a lucky situation – I can take my children to work with me and so I am able to find a balance, even in challenging situations like illness and school vacations.

I realise that I am not typical and the working mother is faced with circumstances like these daily.

My main point I guess is that there are pros and cons to both sides and we women must work together and support each other, not make the other feel guilty.

Once upon a time women did not have the choices that we have today so lets celebrate the fact that these days we do – not beat each other up for it!

Karen Town
Karen Town is co-Editor in Chief of Why Men Are... an online magazine for women, and your one stop shop for lingerie, leather, adult novelties, clubwear, pvc lingerie and more! She lives in the UK with her husband and 4 children.