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Change Your Dialog

by David Hutton

"The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time". - Joe Girard, World's Greatest Salesman

This quote speaks volumes (it helps that it is from one of my favorite authors).

Think about it - How many times do you just give up and say to 'heck with it'? After all, it's easy to "chuck it in" and find reasons why this or that was a bad idea in the first place. It can be called "negative rationale" and it normally leads to a well thought out line of IBS(Intellectual Bull S**t). In fact we must invest in lots of internal dialog convincing ourselves of it first, before we try such IBS on others.

For example, we might say, "Yeah, that whole thing was a crummy idea from the start. There were ump-teen reasons why it was rotten and here they are...blah, blah, blah. I shoulda seen 'em at the beginning."

But, what if we cut off the internal dialog before it ever got started? Here's where Mr. Girard enters the picture. Joe Girard was born in a Detroit, to a poor Italian family, by the name of Girardi. He changed his name years later, dropping the "i", when he discovered that a dumb Italian kid from the wrong side of the tracks got little respect(His comments, not mine. No offense intended to my Italian heritage readers...hey, my lovely wife, Lori, is Italian!)

He was beaten daily by his drunk father and was a petty crook at an early age. He couldn't stay in school and ended up a drop out. Only years later did he get his high school diploma. He tried his hand at a military career, doing a stint in the Army. A BRIEF stint. He flopped out of the Army, lasting less than 90 days. He had it all going bad for him and was tempted to say, "Man, my life sucks. I'm gonna give in and just go with the flow. I was never meant for any better." But, something kept pushing him to at least try to fly higher.

He tried his hand at all sorts of menial tasks, never really doing well with any of them. He was on the verge of bankruptcy at least once. The one thing he did well up to that point in his life was marry a great woman and start a family. But that didn't ease his burdens. It made them worse, in fact. One day he looked at himself and his life and said, "NO! I have a family and less than two dimes to rub together. I gotta do better than this, for their sake".

So he did. He took a job as a car salesman, with his first pay being a $10 cash advance, so he could buy a bag of groceries for his hungry family! He did'nt know the first thing about car sales, but it was after the war and everybody wanted a car, so it seemed as good a job as any. His first goal was to see to it that that ten dollars was repaid! That was his pivotal moment where he began to change his internal dialogue.

He set a goal to repay that money and stuck to it, eventually repaying it. Over time, he continued setting goals and driving himself to become the best car salesman ever and let nothing steer him from that. No watercooler chit-chat for him. No wasitng time on frivolous things. His years of poverty and hard knocks had given him the mettle to keep plugging against all odds, to do whatever was needed to reach his goals. He didn't start out aspiring to greatness, but he ultimately attained it. He landed himself in the Guiness Book of World Records as what he is still renowned for - the World Best Salesman.

It wasn't always easy and it was DEFINITELY a work in process, but he stuck to it. He developed a plan over time and he systematically worked it, day in and day out. He persevered, climbing the staircase to his success, one step at a time. But it all began when he changed his internal dialogue and started on a new, committed path. His quote is from the heart and he knows whereof he speaks. He inspires me to this day, and I suggest you spend your next study session with one of his books.

David Hutton
David Hutton is a mentored protege of the famous Claude Diamond. He is knowledgeable on Lease Purchasing, ie, controlling property for "profit without ownership headaches" as well as other of the "creative techniques". He believes that you are the sum of your ATTITUDES, and all success stems from there. He is compiling a book of articles he's written and he sends out a periodic news-letter FREE to all who request it, full of interesting and useful REAL-WORLD information. Contact him at keyrealst8@bellsouth.net