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Do You Manage Your Time, Or Does Time Manage You

by Tony Severino


I think that everyone has had a point where they just wish there was a few more hours in the day. With those 5 hour energy drinks out there now, you maybe could have that. I am just kidding there folks....

Like most of you I have a ton of things that must get done, however one of the things that make Lisa and I successful is where and what we put our focus on.

I know someone who is always busy, busy doing things in their business. That is great, but in two years this person has not done a deal. Filing must be organized, ads must be made, lists must be generated.... ALL CRAP!!

There is one thing that as investors and business owners we must stay focused on... REVENUE. That is all that truly matters at the end of the day. Without revenue, the credit cards reach their limit, the checks bounce, the arguments at home escalate... folks quit the business.

I focus only on Revenue. I don't really care too much about expenses. Well, that is not entirely true, I do care, but not too much. If the revenue comes in, the expenses will take care of themselves. If you made 40K a week from shorts and outright sales, who cares about the expenses...

I am a morning person, that is when I can be alone without the world bugging me. Hence I write my blog Tony's Thoughts usually in the morning. Some are night folks. Some are afternoon people. During the morning, I get some great thoughts and ideas, be it business or personal.

The key to our business is Time Blocking. We must be organized in order to get things done, and we plan the day, the week etc. Don't get me wrong, we can be flexible and modify the schedule. But if I tell you I will be there at 3, I'll be there at 3. Not 3:05. I have been late before, and it drives me crazy. My time is important to me.

If I could point you to one book to read, that would be 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. Here it is on Amazon, (one book was only 5 bucks when I wrote this)

Now Get off your Assets and

Go Get A FREE House

Tony Severino








Tony Severino
Tony is a was trained by the best in the business, Ron Legrand. He and his wife Lisa Severino started a business from nothing and created one of the largest Real Estate Business in the Chicago area.

As a mentor to students Tony Severino helps the students take the seminar training and bring it to life, and thereby a nice size paycheck!

You can learn more about him at www.TonySeverino.com or call the office at 219-932-3000.

Website: www.tonyseverino.com

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