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Instant Beauty Boosters

by Kim Newman


Use plain live yogurt to cleanse the skin and remove dirt and make-up. Simply rub it into the skin then splash off with tepid water. Cheap, natural and effective !! 

 Mix together 15mls (1tbsp), finely ground oatmeal with 30mls (2tbsp) of hot water, gently rub into the skin and then rinse off. Cheap, natural and effective !! 

Use jojoba oil or grapeseed oil to shift stubborn waterproof mascara. Apply with a lightly dampened cotton wool pad. Cheap, natural and effective !! 


Warm Chamomile tea is an excellent toner for dry sensitive skin types. Apply with dampened cotton wool or a piece of muslin cloth. If using tea leaves, strain the solution first !!!!! Cheap, natural and effective !! 

 Pure rosewater makes a refreshing skin tonic. Try using it straight from the fridge. Rosewater is stocked by all pharmacies. Apply with cotton wool or a dampened piece of muslin cloth. Cheap, natural and effective !! 

If you are a soap and water user, you should not be !! Remove soap-sud residues and restore the skin's natural pH balance (alkaline/acid), by using the following: Mix 5mls (1tsn) cider vinegar into a large tumbler 
of cool water and splash over the face after cleansing. Cheap, natural and effective !! 


 Dab on neat acetone to dry up stubborn spots using a fresh cotton tipped applicator for each spot or pimple. Cheap, natural and effective !! 

Apply dots of Milk of Magnesia liquid to heal blemishes and acne lesions. Cheap, natural and effective !! 

 Use neat Witch Hazel to clear a spotty forehead and or chin. This is not a miracle cure, so be patient !! Cheap, natural and effective !! 


Apply a small quantity of neat Vodka to the nose and chin area to tighten enlarged pores. Apply externally, drinking it will not have this effect, so, no excuse for excess boozing !!!!! Cheap, natural and effective !! 

 A slice of lemon rubbed over the face on the affected area, helps to make the pores appear smaller and also will fade freckles. Cheap, natural and effective !! 


1tbsp of white sugar mixed with a little hot water makes an excellent skin scrub for slightly spotty skins. Sugar has mildly antibacterial qualities. Cheap, natural and effective !! 

Smooth olive oil on your skin and rub in handfuls of sea salt, ground. This makes an invigorating body scrub. The minerals contained naturally within the sea salt are of great benefit to the skin. Cheap, natural and 
effective !! 

 Massage a handful of coarsly ground oatmeal on the chest and upper arms while in the bath to leave skin soft and glowing. Cheap, natural and effective !! 


To re-moisturize a dry, sallow complexion, massage a liberal amount of Mayonnaise into the skin. Use fresh mayo, leave it on for 10 minutes, don't answer the door , then remove with cool water. Cheap, natural and 
effective !! 

A thin layer of sunflower or soya margarine serves as a good make-shift moisturizer. Use sparingly !!!!! Cheap, natural and effective !! 

A small amount of almond oil or avocado oil will nourish the face and neck. Apply before bedtime and leave on overnight to sink into the skin. You can also mash avocado and apply it to the face and neck as a quick fix 
face mask, leave for 5-10 minutes then remove with damp cotton wool followed by splashing with tepid water. Cheap, natural and effective!! 

Pierce a Vitamin E capsule and put the contents onto the face. This is a very speedy and effective food for your skin. Cheap, natural and effective !! 

It is always a source of wonder to me that we have so much beneficial skincare around us. Expensive lotions and potions are far out of reach of most people's pockets!! So, why not use what nature gave us? If we think 
back and remember what our Great Grandparent's skin looked like, we might remember touching a soft comforting face. Most of our ancestors used exactly the ingredients that I have mentioned above !! Throughout daily life we are gradually learning that returning to naturally active produce provides us with exactly what we desire. Diet of course plays a major part too!!! No use caring topically for your skin then filling your body with fried food, cakes and chocolate, eat healthy too !! Good luck and enjoy trying the 'recipes' I am sharing with you. Oh, have I converted you to cheap, natural effective skincare yet ? 

Kim Newman
Kim Newman Kim Newman is a registered R.N. in the UK, and has been studying aromatherapy and natural skincare products for many years. She can be reached at http://www.geocities.com/naturesskincare2001

Website: http://www.geocities.com/naturesskincare2001