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Karen Town

Karen Town is co-Editor in Chief of Why Men Are... an online magazine for women, and your one stop shop for lingerie, leather, adult novelties, clubwear, pvc lingerie and more! She lives in the UK with her husband and 4 children.

Articles by Karen Town

Breastfeeding - One Mothers Story (I did it my way)
Breakfast Club - Just five more minutes, please!
A hilarious (but all too true!) look at one family's morning "getting ready to go to work/school" ritual.

Moms at War
Stay at home Moms vs Working Moms

The power of a Toddler
Skin Deep
True happiness cannot be found in a dress size!

Hide and Seek
Funny look at a man's inability to "find things"

A Place to Fit
Young girl's struggle to "fit in"

The way to his heart…
Make mine a large!
My Sister, My Friend.
First Date Faux Pas!
Finally, the cute guy in the office has asked you out on a date…here are some suggestions of what NOT to do if you want a second date!