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Fitness and Freebies

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Articles by Fitness and Freebies

Chicken: Healthy, Tasty and Convenient!
A healthy diet does not have to be bland or time-consuming to prepare - chicken to the rescue!

Remove Carcinogens When Grilling Meat
High heat reacts with protein in red meat, poultry and fish to create chemicals linked to cancer, especially of the colon and breast. Heterocyclic amines are the name of the chemicals.

Clobber the Cold - With Food
Researchers know that certain foods can help prevent colds and provide some relief from symptoms.

The Physical Dangers of Stress
A list and explanations of the physical damage stress can cause to your body.

Why Physical Fitness?
Our modern life-style fosters unfitness. Many technological advances are intended to eliminate physical exertion from everyday activities.

Physical Fitness Means Living Better, Longer
Regular exercise can provide the basis for good health and wellness.

Introduction to Physical Fitness
For years everyone has known that regular exercise along with good nutrition is good for their health. The trick is how to build sound exercise habits and a balanced diet into your busy schedule.

Lose Weight for Health, Not Vanity
To incorporate better eating habits, there are some general rules you can follow to help in your weight loss efforts. The first thing you need to accept in your quest to lose weight is that the best way is slowly.

Intra-Abdominal Fat
Intra-abdominal fat is a dangerous type of hidden fat that wraps itself around internal organs. It increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and certain forms of cancer.

A Message From the Heart
You are going about your daily life as usual, when suddenly your heart sends you a message telling you all is not well. According to the American Heart Association, heart disease affects half of older Americans in some form.

Analyze Your Excuse for Lack of Physical Activity
Why haven't you become more active? Print out this little "self-evaluation" to help you pinpoint, and hopefully correct, your reasons for not applying more activity into your lifestyle.

Toning Up Your Legs
It is never too late in life to tone up your legs.

Mind Over Matter - Think Positive For Your Workout
What you think can impact your workout almost as much as what you do! Self-talk and self-monitoring show positive results in recent studies.

What is Isotonic Exercise?
A very popular form of muscle-strengthening exercise is isotonic training.

Building Muscle Mass
The rules for gaining muscle are simple, but they take discipline to apply

Cardio Karaticise
Cardio Karaticise has blended the benefits of some of today's top exercise programs. It utilizes the secrets of an ancient Mandarin Kung Fu to give a great workout without the stress on the joints and back associated with typical martial arts programs.

Safety Tips for Yoga Beginners or the Less Flexible
Trying to force yourself into a yoga posture your body is not ready for, or not flexible enough for, could prove disastrous. Yoga is meant to be a nurturing form of exercise, not a rigid imitation of poses.

What is yoga?
The original purpose of the postures and breathing exercises was to bring stability and relaxation so practitioners could prepare for the rigors of meditation

Chocolate-Flavored Cereal Lowers Cholesterol
People who benefit from the cholesterol-lowering effects of bran but are turned off by the taste and gritty texture may have a sweet new option: a chocolate-flavored cocoa-bran cereal.

Low Calorie Sweeteners
Build a Better Salad
Blend colors, textures and flavors to keep them new, inviting and interesting.