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Food and Entertaining

Chicken: Healthy, Tasty and Convenient!

A healthy diet does not have to be bland or time-consuming to prepare - chicken to the rescue!

Remove Carcinogens When Grilling Meat

High heat reacts with protein in red meat, poultry and fish to create chemicals linked to cancer, especially of the colon and breast. Heterocyclic amines are the name of the chemicals.

Clobber the Cold - With Food

Researchers know that certain foods can help prevent colds and provide some relief from symptoms.

Chocolate-Flavored Cereal Lowers Cholesterol

People who benefit from the cholesterol-lowering effects of bran but are turned off by the taste and gritty texture may have a sweet new option: a chocolate-flavored cocoa-bran cereal.

Low Calorie Sweeteners

Build a Better Salad

Blend colors, textures and flavors to keep them new, inviting and interesting.